New Blog/YouTube Channel on Music Production!

Hello guys!

Everyone who is enthusiastic about music production and Co. can now officially join my Blog and my YouTube Channel. Here are the links:



Let me briefly tell you what it’s all about…

Blog: I will write articles about many topics which are related to audio & music production. When you subscribe to the blog, you will be notified, every time I post something new, either an article or a video. There will be things I will communicate through emails as well that will not appear online somewhere. (Let’s call it personal for now… :slight_smile: )
I was asked to make an online course, however, I believe that I need to gain more experience in making videos through YouTube first before spending months creating courses where literally no one knows who I am. If you already have something on your mind, just write me a message. If I can help, I will help.

Youtube: Well, obviously starting a channel is A LOT of work and no one is paying you any money for compensation of your invested time…I think a lot of people are still missing this point…We all know that we need millions of views…blah blah blah. So I have something special in mind about how I want to create my content and content you want to see. My only compensation is fun and joy. Depending on how things will run, I might do contests and giveaways. Even if I have to plan a tone of things ahead, I don’t want to think too far ahead of time. No need for being overwhelmed. We all know that we need to start “somewhere” and actually there is no better time than starting now.

Okay, that’s it for now. Check out the video and subscribe to the blog. If you are happy, I am happy too :wink:

Have a great weekend guys!

See you soon,
Alexey :slight_smile:


Subscribed and following and signed up - looking forward to watching your YouTube vids. Thanks for making these


Thank you @pj1240! :slight_smile:
Actually, if you have a second, could you please give me feedback if everything is working fine? So, you got the invitation (following) email and the download link with the free PDF?

That would be great and very helpful! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes got welcome e-mail and pdf ok. Everything seems to be working well. I know setting these things up your never sure if it all works. Thanks again for your hard work and effort. These things take time n effort to produce. Happy to test stuff out if you want.


Finally Alexey my friend! :slight_smile:
I am so happy to see you get all this all up and running, so you can share your great experience and insights and at the same time build your brand.

PS. I took the admin liberty of changing the title of this post to be more focused on what it’s about instead of your original title. I hope you don’t mind. I am looking forward to see how your blog and channel grows. Remember, it is a lot of haaard work. My channel is 9 years old for example :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Mikael!
Thank you for your kind words! Sure, I don’t mind to change title. Yeah, it’s a lot of stuff, which you have to be aware of. But again, we always start somewhere :wink:


Did you get good input already for what topics to cover? I remember you asked about it earlier in the forum. I have one tip for you, which is also what I feel you have great expertise in. Focus on Mixing and Mastering. Those topics come up again and again, and are important for all genres! :smiley:


I don’t want to focus on one topic only. I believe that you get far more better and comfortable if you understand the principles behind the whole audio creation process. Most people struggle not due to lack of knowledge about techniques. They struggle because they don’t know where and when to apply them. The focus should be on the vision, not technical overwhelming stuff, which tone of other great channels have already covered.
But as I said, it’s always a good thing if you have a second opinion about anything you are interested in. Even if it’s controversial here and there, it brings people to think about it twice and not following blindly what another guy told you to do. This is one of the things which I have written in my free PDF „10 Golden Rules To Become A Better Music Producer“. You don’t become better because you have learned a secret technique. You become better by understanding the overall context.


Had a read through of pdf - some good info and advice there. Also sent an e-mail as requested with a bit more feedback

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Thank you for your email Phil @pj1240! I just replied to the email. You received a special gift too! :slight_smile:

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Just got your email - thanks for the free gift will send u another email - happy to give feedback