New Almost Final, Really...Tune for your listening pleasure and critique!

Genre/Style: Pop - Because I secretly like Pop music (Don’t tell my Headbanging Friends, please)

Creative Vision for the Track: Just wanted something to push back against the Pandemic

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):

180bpm 6/8 with a 4/4 feel, Key of D Maj with a little bout of b minor depression in the beginning (the pandemic portion)

intro - (2x Verses - Chorus)x2 - Bridge - 2x Verses - Chorus - Bridge Vamp ad infinitum (heard repetitions, especially of the vaccine types, drives away Covid-19.

Main Instruments used: Vocals by CoCo from Peru, Usual Guitars (Acoustic, Electric, Bass), EW Backup Singers, Lots of Sample Instruments including my new favorite, Output Arcade, Kontakt Celtic Bagpipes (really) and Penny Whistle, and of course Ethera Singing (She was a little sullen for the pandemic but came around at the end).

Here’s the link (I still have some cleaning up to do but wanted to share) -

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Very well done track Stuart! It had a Euro pop vibe to it. Maybe I’m off with that, but that’s the feel I got. Very well mixed and polished. Great vocals. :+1:

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