Need help on first job

Hi all

Got the first possibility of scoring a film, but need help on a few bits, when ppl talk about counter points, do they mean sync points?

Also can ppl recommend a good guitar vst, ideally electric, but if it has both then great!


Woho, congrats my friend! :smiley:
Counterpoint is practical implementation of the voices of harmony and their relative motion…but sync points or “cue points” are the most important “shifts/changes” or hit points if you will…even though from my understanding in scoring you should not have that many hard hit/sync points unless you are scoring Tom & Jerry cartoon :stuck_out_tongue:

For guitars, I struggle a lot with VSTs even though I have plenty…which is why my long term goal is learning to play the guitar lol. But Orange Tree Samples are the best ones I’ve found so far.

What kind of movie is this, will you get paid, any other insights you want to share?


Thanks, nothing confirmed yet as gotta do a demo of scene for them, but looks promising.

It’s a comedy, low budget but some decent names in and profit share after it hits the festivals, so could be excellent experience in scoring a film for myself and make some money too.

Director wants guitar style blend with orc hence the need for vst guitar, there is one in ark 1, but hasn’t got a massive amount of articulations, so looking to see what I could get if needed


Hi @BenBeard,

Check out “Shreddage” by Impact Soundworks, love it! There is version 3 already out, you can’t go wrong! They even have a small free version I think.

Orange is great as well from what I have heard.

The best library is still your own guitar and your own playing :slight_smile:

Counter is like: Up-line goes down, normally melody; Roots, are going up, so the lines are going against each other.


I can only share my opinion about some VST. There are many different libraries.
Please check out:
Ample Sound ( a lot of different Guitars)
Audio Imperia ( Trailer Guitars 1+2)

Look for Guitar VST on the website: Big Fish Audio.
I hope find the right one for you

Klaus Ferretti

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Alexey, I went back to Shreddage 2 after getting 3, because I could not use version 3 the way I want to. Left hand power chords, right hand single strings. And lower velocity is more palm muted. That playing style works great for me in Shreddage 2, and I asked the developer of it and it is not possible in version 3 because they have a brand new system.

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Hi, congratulations. I’ve had a hard time finding a guitar sound I really like as well. I’ve been using the SpitfireAudio LABS Peel guitar. None of the ones I’ve seen allow you to bend up to the note, including Peel, But I like how it sounds with a little distortion.

Thanks for all the help, I’ve noted down all the different ones as I nerd a decent guitar vst.

I actually chose not to take the film today, mainly because after watching, I wasn’t enthusiastic about it tbh, and if I’m gonna do such a bit project I wanna be really excited by it. I suppose I could have done it for practice and experience but just wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

Hopefully that was the right call to make :slight_smile:

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