My very late entry into the Nostalgia, Morricone tribute music completion

Where to start?
Piano (The Grandeur) as my piano sound, I started with triads left hand melody in right - and it just GREW!

I always wanted strings predominately, then the hallmarks of Morricone, bells/chimes, guitar, accordion/organ/harmonica (never quite sure) and vocals, with a serious splash of fairy dust.
I wanted dynamics in this piece, like life, the ups and downs make it interesting.
My main Mac is an i7 mac mini using LOGIC Pro, this is networked via ethernet to an i5 mac mini, MBP and iPad Pro.
The i5 is used via a network router for my SSD’s that contain my libraries. I use the i5 in this way because i can use the usb3 (the i7 has usb 2). My MBP is hardwired and iPad Pro networked using wifi, the app iSymphonic is the sound source in this track.

Libraries used:
Spitfire Studio Orchestra Pro
Spitfire Solo Strings
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition
Ensemblia 2
EXS24 Orchestra Percussion
Sonokinetic Modal Runs
8Dio Agitato Grandiose Legato Cello
Organetta Cabinet
EastWest Steinway B Grand piano
Sonuscore Orchestra
Labs Original Intimate Strings
iOS iSymphonic

For the curious, it’s Newcastle Brown Ale.


Very nice chimes. Love the guitar especially in the beginning! Also really like the part from 1:40 with the violins.

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Thank,you Alexis, very much appreciated.

This is really excellent. However, the mix sounds a bit heavy and dense but that just may be nature of working with synthesizers. The voice was just perfectly eerie. My main concern with your piece as well as my own is whether or not or has those hooks are really characteristic of Morricone. I think your melodic ideas could have been more developed. Frankly I spent a lot of time tweaking my piece and I am still not satisfied with it in that regard. Overall I feel you show a great mastery of arrangement, orchestration and making a professional sounding master. But I think like most of us you could improve with thematic ideas. Thanks for submitting, that was a very enjoyable listen!

Great choice. The beer I mean. :+1:
As for the music I think you nailed the feeling of Morricone. The element I like the most here is the bells and the vocals. Well done.

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Thank you for comments, very much appreciated and noted.

Thank you Fredrick, I think so too - great minds?

Waw Karl. I love your piece. very well developed and enjoyable till the end. As a nostalgic song, the melodies of the winds work perfectly. The millitary percussion brings me more rage than nostalgy but in general everithing is well placed and the journey has sense.
Not very Morricone, but beautifull song. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Love the ambient feel and flowing melodies, and there’s certainly a lot of Morricone in the sounds and harmonies here. The mix is perhaps a bit on the wet and “distant” side - though not by much, as extreme reverbs are pretty common in Morricone’s soundtracks. I like the sense of space and width.

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Thank you very much Vicente, much appreciated.

Thank you David, your comments mean a lot.