"My Name is Laurens" score, discussed in BBC thread

This link takes you to the full 12-minute score for a documentary (of the same length) I’ve just completed. There is music for every moment of the documentary.

The subject of the documentary, Laurens, is talking about his life, about things he’s been through, nearly the entire time, while we see visuals of him either sitting for interview or going about his daily life.

His upbringing was an extremely harsh, even abusive (especially because he learned he is gay), religious one, but he has worked hard to escape from that, and from his domineering father. Throughout the doc, he discusses his upbringing, including the time his father nearly killed him, and his coming to a new and more healthy relationship with God (he remains spiritual, but not conservative).

The music basically follows the mood of the voiceover, occasionally reflective, occasionally overtly ecclesiastic, and finally, uplifting.

The purpose of my posting it, however, was to show the BBC orchestra samples. If you followed that thread, you know that, in the end, I came NOT to love the BBC orchestra library, and in the template I plan to use going forward, I have only kept a few instruments from it.

However, in this piece, about 90% of the strings you hear are from the BBC library, as is the main solo French Horn and the trumpets. However, not much else is.

And when you hear a lot of movement in the celli, that is usually CSS celli, because I didn’t like the way BBC sounded, and it was much easier to get decent and even movement with CSS legato.

I think the BBC library sounds nice, but many libraries do. In usage, I have found other libraries are able to sound better, or are able to sound as good, and are much easier to use.

Any questions about the production, please ask.

Oh, and it’s 12 minutes. That’s a long time to listen to documentary underscore. You might find it boring. I wouldn’t blame people for skipping through it. Reelcrafter makes that easy, thank goodness.


It’s interesting how the beginning sounds like a church organ. I guess it’s a means of tying in his abusive, but pseudo religious father. No, the music isn’t boring, just not to everyone’s taste to listen to a soundtrack that goes with a dramatic story or documentary. It is well suited for depicting a lonely fellow though.

The opening visual is of the interior of a large church. The organ goes with the visual, but is also supposed to sound imposing and angry, like the father.

That is Toontrack’s EZ Keys organ, as are all the various organs in the piece.