My latest piece, The Citadel

Track Description: This is a piece I wrote as an expression of gratitude to commemorate fallen soldiers on U.S. Memorial Day.

My Creative Vision: I wanted to portray a somber atmosphere as well as feelings of triumph, and end up with an inspirational, uplifting composition. I love the ending title music to many movies, which is the effect I was after through use of layering melodies/countermelodies, trumpet fanfare and then fade-out.

Composition Overview: The piece starts with an a capella mixed chorus in somber tones in the key of D-minor, very hymn-like, followed by a timpani roll and the solitary tones of a chime. I then add in a pipe organ which sets the scene to more of a cathedral-like venue.

The arpeggios of the organ give way to the same sequence on piano. Spiccato strings join in in a rhythmic accompaniment. A more flowing strings section brings more of an air of hope, which gives way to a short transition to B flat minor and a wind passage. As I tend to do in many of my pieces, the winds play also in a very hymn-like manner, reminiscent of the hymns I’ve sung all of my life, with a bit of an American-revolutionary feel to it.

I then make an abrupt shift back to D minor with the entrance of the horns and the final theme of the piece. The brass section takes over from here on out.

Main Sounds: I use primarily EWSL sounds for strings, brass, percussion and woodwinds, with additional libraries for the organ and voices.


It is an ambitious composition.
A few opinions. For me, changes are a little hard. Transitions and presenting new phrases and instruments could be more soft. My feeling is that constant rythm, repetition structure, fade out,… refer more to pop music, although instruments presented are related to classical creations. The good part when using that instrumentation lets you perform tempo changes, wider dynamic volume variations, to sum up, some tools that have not been taken into account.
I think it sounds interesting, but instruments have not been used in the best rewards direction.

Thank you for the comments, I’ll go back and listen with your suggestions in mind, much appreciated!