My first work: "Be Still My Cautious Heart - Requlous" (an unsettling journey)

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Genre/Style: Dark Ambient

Creative Vision for the Track: The piece is supposed to draw vague unsettling feelings of a heart(beat) that is always cautious of being hurt by unknown dangers, even when amidst things that may seem beautiful at the time. But it cannot stop beating and must face the uncertainty and darkness.

There is no percussion and some abrupt shifts. The shifts represent the heart skipping a beat in nervous fear upon getting too close to something or something coming too close to it; the return to the main melody is it getting back to what it’s comfortable with. The lack of percussion was a choice to deny the listener the comfort of a time keeping beat, making the overall tone and the shifts more unsettling.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): At a tempo of 120 in 4/4 Cmaj with no percussion. The abrupt shifts at certain points are deliberate to represent the acceptance, rejection or invasion of things affecting the “heart” represented by the base & lead guitar.

Main Instruments used: All parts are played on a KORG Kross through GarageBand. The instruments used are 4 Acoustic Guitars, a liverpool bass, a muted bass, 2 tracks of 3 cellos ensemble and 3 synth pads consisting of bells and voice. There is no percussion.


Hey Ian!

I really liked this track! I think you captured that feeling of “vague unease” really well, but with that G Dorian sound, it also has a lovely Middle Ages sound to it that isn’t completely dark and has a somewhat hopeful feel as well. I really enjoyed that main melodic motif you have outlining that G minor and the different variations of it you use throughout. I’d love a whole album full of this!

Great job!


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Hey Matt, thank you for your kind words - I’m glad you liked it and that it has the mood I was aiming for. Also, thank you for the technical insights as well, I never heard of G Dorian before - I need feedback like that because learning more terminology is something I really want to work more on. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can put together a full album with a “journey” linking the tracks together - it’d be a lot of fun.