My first try to create something more classical

I used roland cloud for the instruments.

The genre is a bit of I will prevail mood: hence the title of it. It has slow moments but also more powerfull moment.

Its my first attempt to compose something like this… Hope some of you will like it…

Link is back up, I am sorry but it seems I have to edit all my posts to be able to show the link. It is weird because the tracks are just replaced so the link is the same…
But it seems that editing the post (removing the link and save edit and then edit it again and putting the link back in, makes my topics go back to the top. I am sorry for that, that was the reason why I did not want to reply to my songs but just edit the topic itself so it would not bump up. So I am sorry for that. I found out how to “master” them with Ozone 9 elements so I did that. I also put a bit of eq on the songs.


I got advice to use EQ and put more of a release on the instruments. I do not know if I did things right but it does sound different. Maybe some can listen to it and let me know if the EQ is not that bad or very bad. It does not need to be perfect because I know it is not perfect… I am doing my best…

Edit: need to upload yet another version, the trumpet is a bit to silent I think. Will do that in a few minutes or in an hour, depends on when food is ready.
We all like food right? LOL

Edit, I replaced the file back to the original one. This EQ thing is not for me I think…

Well I am a stubborn man and I decided that this set back will not move me. I Will Prevail!
I had problems with the EQ in the masteringbox website, so I decided to start to do the mastering (very basic) myself too. Now busy and this seems to be easier now. I do not know exactly if it will turn out good, but I will keep you all posted. I am sorry if I send to much messages, let me know then please…

if I can get this mastering a little bit right, that it does not sound to bad, I can drop the subscription on Masteringbox which cost me 23€ a month. And that would be a very good thing. But I tried it before with dance tracks and it was not that good…

Okay, I did my best to master this track myself. I put EQ, a compressor, multi band dynamics and a limiter on the master bus and played around with it untill I got something I was fairly happy about it. Take a listen to this new version and let me know if it is bad or not bad.

Well I redid the whole thing because I was not happy about it.
What a day, evening and night was that. Ran into problems with the trumpet as some of you might now from another post of mine. But I finally seem to have figured it out.
I wanted to get the end track as loud as the track that came out Masteringbox website. So I used it for loudness comparing. I had to much mid going on, which distorted the sound of some instruments. My limiter also went crazy when I tried to gain to get it as loud as the comparing track.
I learned two things: the limiter may NOT show ANY activity
this is the first :man_facepalming:
To much mid is going to mess everything up if you want to make your track loud
this is the second :man_facepalming:

So I learned a lot yesterday, some people tried to help me but I did not seem to understand what they were saying, a big sorry for that.

In the end I like the end result better then the masteringbox one and that says a lot. It sounds more warm, full in my opinion. I replaced the track on Soundcloud with the new one. You can find it in the headpost of this topic. So if you want to take a listen, please do. Let me know if it sounds okay to you or not.