My first composition of my presentation here

Hello everybody,

I am new on this forum and and I start to listen to everyone here, and I hear very pretty things.

I am composer, I live in France (Paris) and I share with many of you the same passion for film music.

So, to introduce myself to you, I allow myself to share with you part of my work, I hope you will like.


Genre/Style: Epic Music

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 140 bpm

Main Instruments used: I use mainly in my setup : Lass, orchestral tools, Spitfire audio, Cinebrass, Project Sam
( strg, Ww, brass, perc )


Very cinematic with a variety of moods and beautifully produced.
A rousing work. Well done my friend. :grinning:

Laurent- fantastic work! Great melodies, rhythms, harmonies, contours, dynamics! As Charles said, very cinematic, and a rousing work! Thanks for posting!

Steven (By the way, your first name is my last name!)

Thank you Charles and Steven … really very glad you liked it, and thanks for your kind comments

(ha… yes Steven … :slight_smile: )

Delightful! Lot’s of variety in this story. Glad you are here.

My only critique would be to consider rolling off the low end in each instrument group to get better separation during busy sections; when lots of players are playing. Start with rolling off the low end in the reverb for each group, then for the group itself. This will give your mix more definition amongst instruments and if it’s for a film score, it won’t fight with the low end in the sound design layer.

Thank you Clinton for your feedback, yes indeed, I find that the low frequencies are always difficult to manage well.
I’m thinking of maybe buying a subwoofer for more details in the bass.

( I also wanted to say, I’m working on the score to have it played by the orchestra)