My entry Spitfire Audio / HBO Westworld Scoring competition


I haven’t posted anything in a while and I know people have seen this kind of postings everywhere lol.
Why I wanted post this to here, is that I was featured in “How to write Action Music - Car Chasing Scene”.

So I haven’t really score anything before. I did once, but it’s been long time since that.
At first I tried to find the best tempo that I could easily jog between the cuts with FL Studio, which is not the best DAW for scoring. I chose 128BPM.
I started with simple kick and played with NI RAUM reverb and got some nice pumping rythm and added some percussions and hits and then finalized it with some strings and brasses.
Since I haven’t really ever scored a film with dialogue, the hardest part then was to make it sit with all these scenes, in a somekind of parking hall, outside and inside the car, so really needed some imagination to make all these transitions.

I hope you like it and here is the link!


Hi Tuomo, nice how you keep dialogue in the front, the tone and the mood fits the scenes and nice sound design. Great entry. Maybe have an underlining melody like the one used towards your ending when they walk out of car, your use of piano and violins very nice change from others, maybe include some of that in the beginning or middle, to connect some scenes. Good luck and nice work!


Wow. It’s perfect for me.
I specially love when you change the sound depending if the action is inside or outside the car. Awesome.


Really enjoyed this. Best I’ve seen so far I think.

I can’t give any constructive critique to it tbh, it was mixed really well and the choices of instrument really outline the genre your going for. It’s very Zimmer meets TV, which I like.

You didn’t go over the top with this style which is what I liked the most. The dialogue was maintained. There were a few moments where the SFX were lost but tbh you kept the important ones.

There’s only one thing I could advise for mext time and it’s more of a stylistic choice. I just felt like you missed a few opportunities to let the music breathe. But that’s just my stylistic approach. Other than that I enjoyed it!


Wow, I did not expect this kind of feedback. Thank you guys, I really appreciate! Yes, there was alot parts I wanted to do better but I felt that it is just better to leave it alone, because I wouldn’t get it finished before deadline :smiley:

Thank you!

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I think its my problem to be honest but I listened to three of these scores now and I must have something wrong in my brain because they are all so calm…

They are being followed, being shot at and the music remains so calm…

This must be a problem in my head because all three tracks I heared had this. I would have chosen, if I had the skills to do it, for a more action packed score but as I said, this is probably a problem that only exists in my head because none of the tracks I listened to had this happening.

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Yea I see what you mean. Somehow I did just see the scene more calm than epic action and chaos. Woman was really calm, she knew what she does. I wanted to bring little bit futuristic elements, because obviously it was somewhat futuristic scene too.

Really dig your track Tuomo.
What samples did you use for your percussive elements?

Here is mine using very minimal samples and mostly modular synthesis (west & east coast combined)


Hey Alex: if you want to post any composition you made for feedback, make a new topic in the “Your Music” section. That way, every track gets its own thread. :wink:

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Thanks Alex! I used Maliki, Splash Sound Epic Percussion and some Cerberus loops combined.
I like the synths you did there! I would definitely check the balance of the track and sound of the video, but not sure if it matters in the comp itself.

Great job for a first score! :+1: