My entry for the Sonuscore Elysion Composer Contest

Hi everybody!
Sorry, I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately, not only due to the latest situation…

The video starts off on Earth, and moves out into space. My idea (originally) was to start off with orchestral instruments, and move to more synths/samples as the video went out into space…
It sort of worked like that…!

BPM was 156 originally, but after I’d written the opening string parts (actually written, on score paper - old fashioned, I know!), I wasn’t happy, because it was too fast… I’d put markers in (I’m using Reaper, by the way); so I stretched the MIDI tracks to fit (very easily done in Reaper!) - much better!

Instruments used…

SoundIron Hyperion Strings Elements: Violins
Spitfire Originals: Epic Strings
Spitfire Albion One: Strings (Tremolo)
Spitfire Albion One: Low Woodwinds
NI Factory Library: Trombones & Tuba
Orchestral Tools: Majestic Horn
NI Factory Library: Celeste & Cymbal roll
String THeories: Tonal Hits
UnEarthed Sampling: Spaceology, Esper Synth, Offworld Percussion, & Noir Pad
8Dio NEO: Synth, Impacts, & Riser
Zero G: Zetamorph Transition Stutters

Starts off in C major, ends up in Bb major for the final chord, mainly because its theme is in the Lydian mode…!

Constructive criticism welcomed.


Wow. Amazing. I think its a win.
If I would find any input it would be:
The strings the first 30 seconds i a bit “synthlike” which is good in the context but there is maybe something in the transitions that could improve a bit. I can´t exactly put my finger on what(maybe the dynamics or the legato).
And I think it would be great with just a little reverb of some kind also on the strings.
From 30 seconds and forward its just perfect, exactly the right sounds and effects and timing if you ask me.

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Thank you Fredrik, that’s very kind!
I agree re: the strings, they do sound a bit synthlike; I’m not sure what is done if that happens, perhaps a little EQ tweaking? Still learning about that, so if anybody has advice, they’re welcome to share…!
Also - reverb; all sounds are pretty much “out of the box”, mainly because (as usual!) I’d left it until about three or four days before the deadline, and almost ran out of time!
Thank you again for your well-made points, will keep everything in mind for future work! :smile:

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Good job,

I also participated in this contest. I will post it later on. My favorite part is the horn melody with the arp. Beautiful.


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Thanks Daniel, that’s very good of to say so! :smiley:
Haven’t been around on the forum very much lately, as I’m working more than I expected (agency care-work); I’ll try to rectify that!
Thank you once again, hope all is well.

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