Music To Dream With

One of the claims you hear many times when starting to try to get your music ‘out there’ is ‘No one cares [about your music/your Spotify/etc]’. While this may largely be true…here’s the thing: I care!:wink:

This collection of 10 tracks - over an hour of music - has been made with much love, passion, care, and many, many hours of work. Most of these tracks have quietly slipped out individually over various channels over the last few months, so you may have heard some of them before. But these are all new (professional) mixes, and this is the first time they have been brought together and made available for general streaming release.

The music here covers many styles and genres: jazz, ‘modern classical’, world, ambient…but none of that matters. They are all made with love, and I hope in this collection you can find some joy, inspiration, and some catharsis for the state the world is in.

If you are able to listen to the whole album you will be taken on a journey, through different (sound) worlds, through different times in my life, different moods and experiences. But your own dreams while you listen can take you anywhere you want to go. I hope you enjoy the experience.

[The album is being released to general streaming on the 28th April, but you can hear it, pre-release, on this SoundCloud link]


Congrats Mark! I like what I hear so far, especially liked, “Three Moons over Yangshou.” Love the sound of those traditional Chinese and Japanese instruments (especially the Japanese Tsuguru Shamisen) Look forward to checking out the rest.


Thank you so much Matt. Really appreciate the feedback, and very glad you like it! :wink:

Re 3 Moons: yes, I’d been wanting to do something with those instruments/sounds for a while, and am pleased with how it came out.

Thanks again. It really means a lot to get some feedback!

I always appreciate any piece of music with complexity and passion felt in it - even if it’s acid jazz. I hope one day you can remix it with real human to sing the “ahhs”, that would be truly beautiful. Like the woman who did the singing for the song “Holy Grail”.

Great lounge piece.

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Thank you so much. Really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Not quite sure how to take the last sentence!
But will take it in the positive light I’m sure was intended.

Hope you get a chance to listen to some of the other tracks as well.

The album’s going live of Spotify etc one week today!

Congratulations Mark. Huge job. I love it. It brings me back the freedom and sparkling creativity of metheny’s “secret story”. I really love it. New follower

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Sorry, I did mean it in a positive light - I meant the first tune Abyssinian Pastimes was something you’d love to hear sitting some smokey jazz rich lounge which I love. Cowboy Bebop grade stuff. :smiley:

I did listen to the rest of the album as well after my original comment, it’s quite a trip. I like that you weave through various genres while still managing to keep a consistent “spine” through the whole album. I also really liked October and Minimal. Just giving Minimal another listen right now actually while I’m here. :sunglasses:

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Wow! Thank you. Really appreciate your comments.

And high praise indeed! :wink: of course Metheney is a huge hero of mine.

Thanks again.

Ah, thank you!

And really appreciate you taking the time to listen. 1h 12m of music is a big ask!

And thrilled you found tracks you like. The last few days I’ve been on a cyclical down about my music but your comments have perked me up no end. Thank you.

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I’m glad my comments help you feel better - I was just calling it as I saw it… well… heard it. Making a single solid tune is not easy - making a structured album with consistent theme throughout is beyond me - my music is all over the map.:slight_smile:

You mentioning Pat Metheney though - I don’t know much about his work but did have to go listen to Last Train Home; love that tune. Chugga-chugga-chugga.

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BTW - the album went live on most streaming services yesterday.

You can find your preferred link here:

Please feel free to like, share, add to your own playlists etc…:wink:

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