Music Monetisation (Online Radio Streaming)

Dear fellow composers,

I want to share some insights into the industry, especially for the beginners, who want to know how much money could be earned through monetizing your music. I already made the example of Spotify that you need around 150.000 plays to earn around 300$, a day, a week, a month, a year…whatever you want to calculate yourself.

How I do have another example for online streaming, which is based on RadioSparx, one part of AudioSparx (publisher). Personally, I find that the site is oversaturated, looks like made with Windows 95, however, a lot of people who especially are exclusive there, have definitely placements, which is cool.

So, I have posted some of my tracks there and wanted to give you two examples of their online radio streaming.

So as you see I had 12 radio plays, which were 4.03$ (don’t look at the net earnings…haha!). 12 times a solo piano track was used in a radio show, as far as I understood. Basically this was a special placement. So each play earned around 0.33$.

Now check the results after a while, after some more tracks.

Actually I need to ask the support about the system, but as you see, my other 4144 streams earned the same amount as the 12 streams before (which weren’t placements before I guess). Let’s count once again: So we take the difference…4.16$ / 4144 streams = 0.001$ per stream earned. In comparison with Spotify (0.002$ per stream).

I will ask the support to get more information about these 12 “special streams”. Maybe they can explain what the difference is and where they were used exactly. I will update the post as soon as they reply.

Keep on writing great music!
Alexey :slight_smile:

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Interesting post and thanks for the insight. It seems that streaming sights are in a race to the bottom regarding pay per play. Unfortunately, you have to be a bit of a megastar to make a decent income from streaming sites like Spotify. Although no great shakes yet I get my main music-based income from placements and sites like Pond5.

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