Monetise Your Music - How To Make Money With Music

Hey Composers!

I’m really excited to announce my new course, released today. It’s all about making money from your music, focusing on the library and stock music model.

You can enrol for the special launch price of just $9.99 until Friday (27th) at Midnight.

Just use this link:

Here’s the full “sales spiel” & more info:

What if you could make money with your music?

And how about making a full-time income (and more) from your music?

That’d be pretty life-changing, right?

Well, for just $9.99, my latest course shows you exactly how you can turn your passion into dollars and cents!

— ENROL NOW for $9.99 (valid until midnight on Friday) —

When I was younger, desperate to make a living from music, I was killing myself working all kinds of crazy hours, taking all kinds of jobs.

From composing (terrible) ads and idents to gigging up and down the country. Sure, it was fun, but I was exhausted.

Honestly, I wish someone had told me about the library music world earlier.


Before you run away screaming, library music probably isn’t what you think.

You see, it seems to be associated with that awful “elevator” music stuff. Or, maybe worse, “hold music”.


But in actual fact, there’s some absolutely astonishing library music out there. It honestly is a really creative avenue to go down, but with the benefits of you being so much more in control of your life and time than pretty much any other music job.

So here’s what you’ll learn in my course:

  • About the library music business models, which ones you should write for, and how to maximise your success in each model
  • The best ways to make your music perfect for stock music libraries, and how to optimise sales
  • How to write great titles, tags, and descriptions that help you rank in music libraries
  • How to approach music publishers to give yourself the best chance of signing with a premium library, and also how register and upload your music to online marketplaces to sell stock music, and make money online

And on top of the standard video lectures, I’ve also included:

  • A list of over 200 major music libraries and publishers in the music industry that you can contact and register your music with - including both premium, exclusive libraries and non-exclusive royalty-free ones
  • My checklist for stock music composition so that you remember exactly what steps you need to go through to create successful, sellable library music pieces - perfectly tailored to the library music industry
  • A collection of email templates for reaching out to music supervisors, A&R reps, and music library owners, to help you get signed with a reputable music publisher and start earning those coveted performance and broadcast royalties

Until midnight on Friday, you can access all of that for just $9.99!

Just click on the link below and sign up:

— ENROL NOW for $9.99 —

And I know what you’re thinking at this point : “I don’t think my music is good enough”

Well, let me tell you…you’re probably wrong.

Library music comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are hundreds, if not thousands or platforms specialising in all kinds of areas. Even if you’re pretty new to composing, there’s a platform for you.

So throw your imposter syndrome out of the window, and start getting paid to write music!

Oh, and before you think “but I don’t want to sell-out and write cheesy corporate music” let me say it again:

Library music comes in all shapes and sizes!

With just a few tweaks to how you structure your tracks, you can write music in any style and find success with music libraries.

You just have to take action and actually put your music out there.

So get yourself signed up, learn the steps, and start making money from your music today.

— ENROL NOW for $9.99 —

See you in the course!


P.S. As always, you’re protected by a 30-day money back guarantee…so you’ve really nothing to lose!


Totally missed the deal…Thank you for putting it out Jonathan!

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