Mike "Ambient Music Course" Final Assignment Composition

As a final composition for the course I decided to find myself some visual references to compose on and I picked some Skyrim Landscapes and muted them… then I started composing on the images alone.

Of course I didn’t want to “copy” the sounds from the game and I also wanted some “synth” elements to be in there to really make it my own.


this is a 2 minute hybrid piece with both orchestral and synthe sounds. It’s at 80 BPM and 4/4. I composed it in the Key of A Major.


As for the instruments I started with the free “rainmaker” instrument for the rain atmosphere then I created myself a pad for the Chords using ANA2 and mixing togeter a couple of samples and a juno wave. After that I went on to add some lows using Trombones and Horns and added a slow melody with layered violins and violas.

All Orchestral Instruments are from Sonivox Film Score Companion.

On this I then added some vocals that I pushed back with reverb and another “moving” pad to make the high end a little fuller as it was seeming lacking to me.



Sounds lovely Luca! :slight_smile:
I really like the ‘washy’ synth vibe, and with the added background atmospheric sound and slow movement it really feels ambient and moody. The distant vocals was a nice touch btw. Great job! :slight_smile:

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Great Job Luca! :smiley:

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@Geoffers @Mikael thanks :slight_smile:

Now I’ll probably spend a little time on some different kind of music and after that I’ll start the emotional music course.

At some point I’ll ahve to consider buying the action one xD


this is what the last day of 2020 will sound like “thank you for joining the ride, on to new beginnings”

i like the background sound effect matching the wavy trees cool effect. good track!