Meetup Group for Composers

If you live in or near San Francisco, California, this might be of interest to you:

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Very cool! I’m in Reno and this is close enough to be tempting but far enough that it’d be hard to make it. Maybe some other time if you continue to host these. Have fun.

Hi Jerry- I live in New Jersey, but love this idea. Have a great gathering. Thanks for bringing us together in spirit. Your energy and music are very appreciated. Warm wishes, Dori

Thanks Dori.

I can hardly believe that nobody around here has listened to or commented on the 3rd movement of my new quartet. I think it’s one of the best adagios I’ve written to date. Ha-ha! What do I know?

Hi Jerry! Did I miss this one? Please feel free to send anything you create directly to my email:
I don’t want to miss any of your work.
I am still captivated by the oboe concerto.
About the Adagio, even if I listened once, I will listen again. Thanks! Warm Regards, Dori

Hi Dori,

I just finished my 2nd astro music video using the 2nd movement of my oboe concerto as the soundtrack.
I hope you have a listen!


Fantastic initiative! would there be also a digital version so I can join from Amsterdam?

That’s not a bad idea at all. Let me give this some thought…