Meet someone - romantic composition

I compose a new romantic music as requested by @Mikael ( ) :grin: .

It’s a piano composition with the support of strings, flute, English horn and a soft drum.
Tells the expectation of the meeting with one’s beloved in the moment of the declaration of love and happiness in knowing that one’s love is reciprocated and that the story between two people continues. (I hope I have made it clear)

The theme seems to me in line with the period of Valentine’s Day :wink:

Thanks to all for watching!

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Nice piece Roberto! Light and warm, with a romantic feel. It felt like a nice spring day😄


Thanks @MaestroX , this is the feeling I wanted to produce in the listner. The spring is the start time of new life and the symbol of new love.

What do you think about the piano sound? Do you think it’s too bright or warm enough?
I’m still looking for the right piano sound for my music.

Thanks :smile:

I suppose it depends on the sound you want. In an ensemble like this, you may want to cut out some frequencies in the EQ to blend better with the other instruments, maybe more of the higher end/high mids to give a warmer sound. You just have to play with different piano libraries and EQs to find what works best somtimes.


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I create a new version working on my digital piano sound Kawai SK-5.
I review also the performance, it seems to me better.

Let me know.

Thanks! :grin:

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I think the piano sounds good :+1: I noticed the little flutter in the flute in the beginning which was nice, although the flute doubling the high piano bits seemed to make it a bit too bright to my ears. Overall, good mix.

The flutter flute in the previous mix was masked. I will check the flute in the doubling part.
Thanks for your great advices!!!


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