Meditation of My Heart [Relaxing Music Contest]

The composition was made specifically for this contest.

I used Logic Pro X. Most of the sounds are from the default Logic Pro X Library. I added a few more from Spitfire LABS, Spitfire Epic Strings, EW Goliath and percussion from EW Symphonic Orchestra Gold.

This is a relaxing track with a dreamy tone. I hope you like it.


Treated so delicately and I love that glowing crescendo in the middle!
Well done!
Regards, Adrian.

Thank you Adrian for your feedback. Francisco

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Francisco - beautiful piece. The piano sound and swells work well with the mood. A minor thing, I found the Leslie-like stereo panning sometimes on the piano (?) a bit distracting - for headphones at least. Nicely done!

Thank you Brandon for your feedback. The idea behind the stereo panning was to bring some depht to the long notes. It is automated to jump in only through long notes. But thank you for the suggestion. I might tone down the effect a little bit. Francisco

Very much enjoyed this. Agree with all the glowing comments above.

There’s only one thing that may be able to be improved on, I think you may have a little too much compression on your output as there’s a little noise in your bounce. Maybe it could be to do with gainstaging your plugins so they peak the master at -6 before compression for master. :slight_smile: very much enjoyed this btw!

Thank you Geoffrey for your feedback. I will try to make those adjustments. Francisco

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A perfect example of relaxing music! One of my favourites :clap:t3:

Perfect song for the topic. One of the best in the contest. I love it.

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Thank you Joel and thank you Vicente for your feedback.

Really nice melody that stays in my memory and indeed connects with my heart (at the risk of sounding mushy ) :smile:

Thanks Randy for the feedback… :smile: