Meaning of Love “2nd upload attempt”

This is an instrumental acoustic guitar piece I wrote on my guitar and then transferred all the notes into the Sonar 8.5 piano roll. The flute-y instrument is the melody in case I ever put in a vocal track. I then added an arrangement. Any feedback would be much appreciated. You might need to turn down the bass a bit because I always have trouble controlling the bass in my mixes. I just love composing and arranging and am not very good at mixing and mastering.

Here’s a SoundCloud link:

Style = Acoustic pop

Creative Vision = Hope to add a vocal someday

I don’t read music so I can’t really comment on the technical aspects of notes and whatnot.

Main instrument is a virtual acoustic guitar with various virtual instruments as backup.


I think you’ve come up with a nice harmonic progression and melody. My one suggestion is that the song is maybe too much of the same thing. There doesn’t seem to be a place where the rhythm changes, the tempo changes, the tonality of instruments being used changes. And so there is a sameness that runs throughout the piece.
You can move the melody around to other instruments; change the dynamics so that there are quiet sections and louder sections, change up the rhythm, etc… Lots of ways to enhance the great foundation you’ve created.

My two cents,