MCD Film Scoring Challenge

Here is my entry for the MCD Film Scoring Challenge based on the wonderful artwork supplied.

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Very atmospheric Clinton. A bit fantasy? A bit dark? We won’t know until we get to that place! Very cool artwork; it’s something similar that I’m using as inspiration for my next piece.

Did you combine harp and glock for that ostinato part? I’m always interested in orchestration/instrument combos.

Hi Matt, it was harp and celesta . . . thank you.

Hi Clinton- Your sense of timing is excellent. The way you bring in the instruments keeps the listener with you.
Very expressive music.

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I hear a somber moodiness to the piece; a sense of foreboding.
I like the use of the Fm - Am motion, and the higher soloistic elements above those chords.
Wonderfully orchestrated, mixed, very professional sound, as always.


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Thank you Dori . . .

Thank you Steven . . .