Make Covers for YouTube

Making Covers on famous tracks seems to still work very well on YouTube! :slight_smile:

I recently made a topic asking how I can take my 9 year old YouTube channel to the next step, and get 100,000+ views per video instead of 1000.

Well, I just analysed what videos Alex Moukala got the most views from on his channel, and found out that even though his channel is focused on education and tutorials/tips…several of his top performing videos are covers where the video just shows his DAW playing.

Now that made me happy to see, since even though I love educating, I would much love to make more music for my channel…since that of course is my true passion! :slight_smile:


I’m by no means an expert on YT but I’d have thought that covers do well as they generate a lot of natural traffic and have strong name recognition.

In terms of views, pure music tracks with just the DAW showing are maybe likely to receive repeat plays, as opposed to quick informative videos where people absorb the information and move on.


Yes, and for education it seems the only way to become big is to focus on super broad topics like Piano or Guitar.

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Making covers can generate a high and constant traffic in the videos, it does not work with all the music, generally there are more visits when they are new songs.
Although we have to be careful with the cover policies on youtube, there are certain compositions that if we made as covers can be blocked


I’ve also noticed this and have a few covers lined up already, but the youtube music policies page hasn’t worked for a while to check if a certain song can be uploaded without a copyright strike or blocking. I don’t want my account to be banned

That seems scary, I thought covers on YouTube were allowed, just that the original artist gets the ad revenue.

There’s the address (which can be also found from the old youtube content creator, but not in the new for some reason) where you can search for a song and see what happens if you upload a cover to youtube, if it will be muted in all or certain countries, or if the publisher will monetize the video and so on, but the search has been broken for a while now so I’m hesitant about uploading any covers.

The youtube copyright system is so rigid (after three strikes the whole channel will be removed) that I really don’t want to upload anything without first making sure I wont get a copyright strike.


Actually I just noticed that if you switch to the new youtube layout (I was using the classic), the music policies search seems to work, with a bit of a delay.