M-Audio interface stopped working on Mac Mini

I had a strange thing happen the other day. I recently moved and I finally set up my Mac and music stuff and found that my M-Audio Fast Track Pro no longer output audio. After swapping out headphones and cables, I found in my system audio settings that the Fast Track was still a selectable option in the audio output screen, but it said that it has no output controls. It could have been damaged in the move but there’s no sign of damage. It’s a new Mac Mini and it’s been running Big Sur for the past year with the Fast Track working fine. I thought maybe it caught an update that might have messed up drivers (still could be true) so I checked for further updates and applied them. Still nothing. Works just fine on input, only output is affected.

I’m perplexed. I know it’s an older interface, but it’s always worked fine on every system I’ve had. I’ll have to drag out my old laptop and see if it still works there. Has anyone else had any interfaces halfway stop working out of the blue?

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Hello Mike.
Although I’m Windows user, it might give you an idea.
I think your problem is a driver issue. I have M-Audio Fast track Pro as well. Its built like a tank, I couldn’t even open it up for cleaning it’s pots. My friend has this interface also. Other than driver problems in over a decade, I have no issues with it. Some new drivers are not working at all.
My driver version is:
Do you use external power or USB?
Good luck!

PS. I check, I’ve got Apple drivers also (FastTrack_1_9_4_Drivers_80213)
This site has some drivers: M-AUDIO Fast Track USB drivers
PS2. ASIO settings/corrupt files might cause problems.

Update on my M-Audio issue. It actually appears to be something wrong with the interface itself. This weekend I pulled out my old macbook and it is behaving the same there as on my Mini. My macbook is much older, OS is El Capitan, and it definitely hasn’t received any updates because it hasn’t been powered on in months. Last time it was powered on it was working with the interface just fine. So, it seems the interface must have been damaged during my recent move. Bummer.