LUFS levels. What do they need to be?

I have a question.

When mastering track for submissions for TV, FILM and NETFLIX etc… what LUFS level should I aim for?
Does it need to be lower than streaming and radio play levels?

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Last time I checked it was -14 LUFS…which if I remember correctly is the same as streaming media …I’m sure if I’m incorrect somebody will chime in and correct me .

Okay , if you’re going to spec its -23LUFS with a dynamic range of 15LU … this applys to film and will cross over to television …

This is from the broadcast spec …EBU R128


Perfect!! This is what I needed to know. also keeping the dynamic range 15LU… All helpful…

I’m purchasing the tc helicon Clarity-M …hardware monitor for my studio this year …will let you know how that all works out …

Brent the 15 LU comes from the BS1770 spec… which is an implied dynamic range … they use an LUFS level of -21LUFS but not to exceed -6 LUFS
That’s where the 15 LU comes from … contextually, your production could range from 4.5 to 9.8 LU depending on if it’s say EDM or a Ballad … needed to straighten that out …So I wouldn’t get to overly wound up with the 15 LU dynamic range …it’s hard enough to generate 10 LU …