Love can't heal it all - Sad music contest

Love can’t heal it all is a sad song I composed to participate in this contest.

It’s a sad song played in piano.
It have 3 tracks for bass, accompainment and main melody

I hope you like it.

Some about me: My name is Gabriel. Im from Argentina. I have some years of experience composing music and designing sounds for movies, now Im working on music and sound for games (wich I love).

You can contact me to


sounds like a happy sad song. Well done.

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It really does have a pensive feel to me Gabriel, very beautiful in its slow movement. I can imagine this being played as the protagonist is meandering through a French orchard contemplating the loss of his hoped for soul mate. It’s really lovely!

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Thanks. Im really happy when I make music, even if I make sad music XD.

It never ceases to amaze me how people feel when they hear a song. The places where music makes them travel. When I thought that “love can’t heal it all”, it made me feel so sad. Then I started to play some notes and the main melody came to me. Im very happy that you like it. Ty for your words.

Congrats Gabriel for the piece. I find it tecnically accurate, although I personally would add more instrumentation. I makes me feel melancollic, which shows how you successfully achieved the right feeling for the contest.

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Ty Jorge for your words. As this is my first piece here I started with only 1 instrument XD.

Hi Gabriel, I really enjoyed this piece! It kind of had an “Italian” sound to it (whatever that means :smile:) and made me think it would fit well in The Godfather movies. Very dramatic and melancholy.

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Wow. I never went to Italy but I think I understand what you mean. Thanks Matt.

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Beautifully simple and sad, until the B section where you change it up with 16ths and heavier chords. To me… the B section (anger emotion?) took me out of the sad space that I enjoyed in the A section. As a listener, I wanted to keep in the same sad feeling. But that is just me. Nice work!

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Thanks Brandom. B Section is anger absolutely. To me this is the anger you feel when you realize that you can’t do anything to change that thing that makes you feel sad. I felt it was needed right there. Ty for your words.

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It’s interesting how many shades of “sad” there are! hopeful sad. angry sad. sweet sad. reminiscent sad. etc

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So true Brandon.

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I had started to notice the same thing!

Hello in my point of view there are some things I want to mention. I think it is little bit too fast. The main melody is repeated several times without any big changes. There is no new key signature. In the left hand there is no contrast. I can here only chords. The very fast part is interesting but I do not understand its meaning.
These are some negativ points.
I like the main melody. I like that you choose the piano for sad music.

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Hi Klaus. Ty for your technical review. I will take all the points in consideration. Now, it would make me really happy if you can give me a feedback of what you feel when you hear my song. What you imagine.

Where can I find your song?


This is a great melody and arrangement! I would love to hear it orchestrated more. I can hear strings and horns really elevating this piece.

It is a great piece though. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Marcus. Thanks for your words. Feel free to make you own version if you want. It would be really nice to listen a version with other artist’s vision.