'Lost in Emotion' (horror/thriller)

I’ll start the ball rolling shall I?

This was submitted to a recent challenge for horror/thriller, using mainly synths with little/no orchestra/

Title: Lost in Emotion
Creative Vision: 120 bpm. This was a mixture of synths/choir from the Slate Digital pack and Eric Whitacre choir and a few orc sounds from Spitfire Tundra put through different synths.

The idea was it was from the perspective of the main character, as he goes through his journey of not knowing whats real and what isn’t. Potentially Sci-fi thriller/horror

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Wow, really nice track!

I love how this track does not feel “Chunky”. What I mean by that is it does not feel like 8 bar chunks put next to each other, rather, it feels like one complete and fluid track.
This is something I struggle with especially working in a DAW. I still have not mastered writing something that sounds fluid from start to finish. (Maybe I am being critical of myself)

I definitely get the Sci-Fi vibe from this. The way you used the synths was really well done in my opinion!

Ryan Stella

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Hello Ben,
First, I updated your title to include the “Main Mood/Style of music” as I really want all threads to show that to the reader without having to open the post. =)

This track has that creepy “innocence vs evil” vibe due to the sounds you used, especially the glockenspiel. But also the spooky lead, which has that kind of Halloween thing going. But the background is more “serious” vibe that kind of tells me to don’t trust my eyes, because this child is tainted by evil :wink:

The overall staging is very open and roomy, so I could see this music in a creepy abandoned sub-way train station scene in a spooky thriller. Or perhaps a dark forest witches cabin. The choirs really adds a lot of atmosphere and weight into the music.

Great job Ben, I enjoyed listening! :slight_smile: