Looking for a way play guitar with iPhone or iPad

Hi all ,
Been sick and been looking for a way to play my electric guitar from my iPhone or iPad
Has any one have any good suggestions?

If your looking for a guitar to iOS interface then Apogee JAM is excellent but expensive. Cheaper options are irig or Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack. If you want more then Alesis iO Dock is worth a look for iPad but is a lot more expensive but you can hook up a few things at once.

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for Apple, the best one is iRig (https://www.amazon.com/IK-Multimedia-Interface-Adaptor-IPIRIG2PLGIN/dp/B00T631UTC )

Do You have experience with this irig?
it made good for wear and tear?

I have a old Iphone 6 plus my ios is at 12.4.5

Phil do you use any of these for your ios with guitar?

I’ve used iRig with my bass - only problem with it is connector is close to phone/tablet so can generate a bit of noise. When I was in a band my guitarist tried both the Sonoma guitar jack and Apogee Jam and both worked really well.

Thanks Phil I liking this one Sonoma Guitar Jacket
What about the build is it build Pertty durable
Because they said the weight is only Weight: 2.5 oz.

Think it was ok - not sure it would be good for gigging or travel use though

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Thanks Phil appreciate Your help this give me some options that I did not have :wink:

Marco Thanks for Your help as well thanks again :wink:

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