Logic Pro help needed with NI Butch Vig Drums

I recently purchased NI Butch Vig Drums

Butch Vig Drums are not mapped to GM and there is no option for such

I like using Logic Pro’s Drummer to get a drum track I can then edit

However, when I convert the Drummer track to MIDI and drag it to a track with Butch Vig Drums, the keys of the Logic Pro Drummer do not match the keys from Butch Vig Drums (also, different keys are assigned to different drums in each of the kits in Butch Vig Drums)

So, what I am looking to do is to somehow ensure that the MIDI region created by Logic Pro Drummer will correspond to the proper drum kit keys in Butch Vig Drums?

Am I doomed to having to do this manually by editing the MIDI notes in the Butch Vig region for every track I want to create from Logic Pro Drummer?

Thank you for any help