Let's Play - Sample Modeling Strings (How it Sounds)

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
Here is my live performance using the new Sample Modeling Strings. It’s great for playability, and especially for fast playing and changes of articulations without using key switches. However, I find that the tone of long sustained notes is still a bit lacking sometimes. What is your personal overall impression of Sample Modeling Strings? :slight_smile:

Live Demo of the Sounds of Sample Modeling Strings:


I’m not impressed at all by this library, to be honest. It sounds super synthy to my ears and the legato patches are absolutely terrible in my opinion. I prefer the Strezov Afflatus that you reviewed before, they sound so much better :slight_smile:


I agree legato is pretty bad, and vibrato is not good at all. Yes, Afflatus is my favorite string library by far. However, I would love to have this playability that sample modeling has, in other string libraries. I hate keyswitches and “programming” music. I want to be able to play like I did in this video, changing between staccato, legato, runs etc, and add expression with CC-faders, and not having to program key switches at all. Keyswitches are the devil lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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