Let your dreams become reality! My new Track :)

Do you like piano music combined with epic elements?
Listen to my new track, and enjoy. Im pretty sure everyones dreams will come true!

DAW: Reaper 6,
Spitfire: Labs, Epic Strings, Woodwinds, Brass,
Yamaha Grand Piano
Sonatina Percussion

Stay safe!



I really like the piano! In terms of orchestration I would add high strings to the woodwinds and later to low strings. the rhythmic parts played by the brass may be intensified not only by strings which is great, but by percussion as well, which will add intensity. Also, the piano plays all the time. May be it would be better to give a melody to other instruments like strings and then back to piano.


Julia, thank you for your feedback.
I changed some parts. I added some high strings, let the melody now play by a guitar too, changed the brass a bit and finally added some percussion, risers and hits.
Just have a listen :slight_smile:

Its so wonderful to learn, thanks a lot for any advice or tips,

happy easter,

Hi Michael, where can I listen to the new version?

I replaced it on soundcloud.

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