'Let It Snow" Big Band

Happy Holidays to all at the Professional Composers Forum!

Here is a new piece it did for the occasion. It’s a Big Band Jazz version of “Let it Snow!” This is actually my first attempt at a jazz piece, so I had to do a crash course of Jazz harmony and big band arranging. I’m not sure if it’s any good :sweat_smile:

I guess overall it’s in the key of C major, since that’s the start and end chord and I use the IV-V-I (F-G-C, with extensions) cadence at the end. The tempo stays around 128bpm with a couple of rallentendos to break up the sections a bit. It’s a short piece, and I kind of want to add a solo section in the middle, but maybe when I have more time.

Instrumentation is standard big band, alto sax, 2 tenor sax, bari sax, 3 trumpets, 2 tenor trombones, bass trombone, piano, upright double bass and Jazz drum kit. I did add two flutes and two Bb clarinets to give some extra woodwind color. Written/playback with Dorico Pro + Noteperformer. Seventh Heaven studio reverb and mastered with Ozone 9 Pro.