Learning material - 7 Modes and corresponding triads

Hi all,

I have recently decided to publicly share some of my documentation I used back when I was studying music theory. It helped me a lot as it simplified the approach to learning different modes and performing modal interchange without too much hassle.

This may also be useful to professionals who aren’t necessarily memorizing every chord out there - it is a Google Sheet with the most common 7 modes with corresponding triads and notes.

You can access the sheet via link below:

I hope it will be helpful!


Ah thank you Mirza, and also what a coincidence. I am just creating a cheat sheet of the 7 modes as a PDF right now! :smiley:


Hah, that’s awesome! The more the merrier! And you know the old saying - great minds think alike!


I do love cheat sheets, so great to look at for reference! :wink:

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I have another one, related to modulation between keys, I will share that in a separate thread. And I agree, I think they’re a great way to look at things from bird’s perspective and see the whole picture.

I also think having modes and notes listed out doesn’t mean it’s a ‘cheat’ sheets per se, it is more like an overview of the entire spectrum, basically a zoomed out view of all the building blocks at our disposal.


Yes when You can that would be Awesome :grinning: