Kontakt - batch resave

Hi guys, I would like to know if I have a sample library with, Low strings and High Strings and it takes a lot of time to load into kontakt, if I do the batch resave to low strings. Will it apply to High strings too?

For instance, if we have a library like CSS and I do the batch resave for Violin 1, will it apply to violin 2, violas, cellos etc etc? Or I have to do for all instrument? :open_mouth:

As far as I know a batch re-save is for the complete Kontakt library. So for CSS it would make ALL presets inside it much faster to load. :slight_smile:

PS. You should do it for every Kontakt library you have :wink:

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ooohhh good to know :smiley:.

However I’ll do it when I have time eheheh… so I don’t know when xD

However I’m in the midlle of a project now, so I was thinking to do it later :wink:

I did a little tutorial video about batch resave in Kontakt, which you may find helpful:-

In short, batch resave affects the whole library and it is not possible to only do select parts. Also I would strongly advise doing one library at a time as Kontakt can easily get mixed up when trying to do a number of libraries at once.


Thank you for the video.

However I’m looking for a new thing…

I have iMac and a Macbook pro. I have kontak in this 2 mac and I’m doing the resave on iMac cuz it’s my main mac.

I have to travel one week in December so I have to get with me my Macbook. Is there any method to not do again the batch resave on my Macbook, I mean if I get a sort of configuration file form iMac to Macbook etc etc… Cuz I have done time machine from iMac to Macbook, so they are “the same”, the library still stay in the same HD called Library_HD.

So is there a solution? I hope yes :smiley:

I understand that if you batch resave once you do not have to do it again unless you are moving from Mac to PC or vice versa. So I believe in your case if you are straight copying from your iMac to Macbook you should be good to go.

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Thank you, but what file should I have to copy? :smiley:

There is no single file, just copy across the libraries you want to use. I understand that copying from one machine to another will not cause a problem.

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