Kirk Hunter spotlight strings 4d opinions

Does anyone in this forum have any experience with Kirk Hunter strings? The sound? The playability? Says in the video it doesn’t need much keyswitches that been discussed earlier here. They have a 75% sale right now.

I only have Kirk Hunter Brass, but don’t use it that much as it was quit heavy on resources if I remember correctly. Regarding sound, it was alright, but not super.

Honestly the Kirk Hunter range of products seem to get average reviews at best from composers, at least as far as I’m aware.

So not on top on my list at least, but I may get different opinions here from other members :slight_smile:

That’s pretty much the feeling I’ve got too. But it’s interesting to hear what others have to say. I have some library’s I first overlooked but after listening to others got and don’t regret.

What if there was a place you could try out all the libraries before you bought them. Wouldn’t that be something?


I have Kirk Hunter Diamond Orchestra. It’s not a top quality product, but it was well worth the price (It was $75 at one point, now $99) and I use the strings libraries in it as a layer and it works quite well as such, but I wouldn’t make a track only with it since it will sound fake. There are lots of other usable instruments in it in the ones that are easier to portray realistically. If you want a good string library that is not from the most expensive range, I’d get Cinematic Studio Strings instead of Kirk Hunter products. Of course with that 80% discount you can try without bankruptcy but you might be a bit disappointed in the end. Well, depends what kind of quality you expect.

Ok. Interesting. I will not go for it. I have Cinematic studio strings, Cs2, EW Hollywood strings, Some from 8dio, NI symphony series. I consider Css the absolute best of my strings. Sometime in the future I wish to add Spitfire symphonic strings.

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From your collection it seems to me you would benefit more by adding a solo or chamber size string library? :slight_smile:

Have css solo, joshua Bell, virharmonic violin and cello. Have, use and love them all. Don’t need any more. I just love strings :grinning:.

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I bought this when it came out. Very disappointed. The ensembles do sound nice but I bought this really for the soloists. There are some funny noises/artefacts - and volume and panning seems to vary a lot.
I’d say the solos are almost unusable. Some really bad noises in the cellos. I complained and they instantly refunded me which surprised me. I bought Spitfire Solo Strings - chalk and cheese. Very happy now.

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