Keywords Best Practices

The amount of content at stock music libraries is very big, and it will only grow, so to be seen in the search results is becoming an important challenge. Producing many tracks is necessary also because it’s increasing the chance to be seen. But, what about keywords? How to write them correctly to move your track up in the search results? Pond5 for example publishes their most searched keywords:

Does this technically mean that if someone uses all these most popular keywords to tag his track, it will be seen more? When we look at the best selling tracks, it sometimes seems like that :slight_smile: But it would be cheating and I believe that the search engine is punishing keyword stuffing:

So what are your best practices when writing name, description and keywords?

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I use to think in 3 directions

What is it?
Mood? ( I try to find the core/essence)
And, what will it be used for?
Prominent instruments
As accurate and descriptive as possible
Take a look from videographer/movie makers seat
No use to write what it’s not. I might get views but no sales and would probably only hurt my brand.

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