Jurassic Park theme cover

Hi! I wish I had time to make it better. My brother made the picture and I wanted the music to reflect it. Thank you for a fun competition and good luck to everyone!

Hi Anna. I’m missing your description about your idea and methods. It is always interesting to know the friends motivations and techniques. And yes, your versión is a little simple. We are working with soundtrack plenty of wonderful phrases, and is easy to take profit of that music in many ways. But, anyone live his reality and take your time to prepare your own version is always something to be proud of, and sharing it is something for us to thank you.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback! My main goal was to practice strings and I wanted some brass for the “Jurassic” feeling. :slightly_smiling_face:

I started in Sibelius and then played the melody on a midi keystation and used the modwheel but everything disappeared when I switched between versions. I have used Logic, Maverick Piano, Chamber Strings (viola and ensemble), BBC Orchestra Discovery and Spitfire drums for timpani. But the strings are not OK in that way. I also had to remove some strings that would “echo” the brass. :slightly_smiling_face: During the time I changed computer and I hope to get my sounds straight from now on. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for your words! :slightly_smiling_face: