Jurassic Park/John Williams Theme Cover

Hello good people. Here is my entry for the Jurassic Park cover contest. I may have melted my brain doing this :rofl: but it was a lot of fun and a HUGE learning experience.

Creative vision: For this piece, I stuck to a traditional orchestral set-up. Since my style is more Golden Age of Hollywood than anything else at the moment, I didn’t really change the style from John Williams too much. What I did do, is write a piece that is more an homage to JW by taking the two themes and arranging them in such a manner as to create a version that is similar in structure to the main theme from Star Wars or Indiana Jones (my two faves).

Composition: I started with the B theme first (the brass fanfare) and then follow it with the A theme (string theme), adding a short cantabile section in between to lead to the string theme. I kept the original key of Bb, but the piece has a bit of a false intro where I hit a Dbmaj/F#dim chord to utilize as a pivot to introduce variations of both themes right way, going through a whiplash of three tempo changes in the span of three measures! This builds to the first theme where I create a couple of variations. For the cantabile section, I utilize minor/major 6th intervals with the same root notes as the brass theme, instead of the perfect fifths, but with the same rhythm at a slower tempo and in Eb. I then modulate back to Bb to introduce the string theme and build it up to the outro.

2 Flute
2 Oboe
2 Bb Clarinet
2 Bassoon
4 Horns
2 Bb Trumpet
1 Tenor Trombone
1 Bass Trombone

Gear: Written/recorded with Dorico Pro 3.5 (better!!) and NotePerformer. Mixed in StudioOne 4 with Valhalla Room Reverb and mastered with Ozone 9.

Hope you enjoy!


congratulations, it sounds good.

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Thanks Carl!

Really like this. You’ve made it quite triumphant with your approach. I felt like Luke skywalksr had just slain the TRex in JP whose name is apparently Roberta. Awesome!

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Great work with beautiful sounds

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:rofl: Yes! That was my basic idea–just take snippets of JW’s compositional features/form and cobble them all together using the JP theme.

Thank you so much Bala!

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an amazing track. I really enjoyed listening to it.

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Thanks a lot Klaus! I appreciate you having a listen!

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Wonderfull work. It really shows your knowledge of Williams methods. It is overwelming.

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Thank you Vicente. I did pull out my JW scores and study them for this :smiley: