Jurassic Park - Cover

This is my version of John Williams Jurassic Park.It is an orchestral piece. I used the original melody. however, I shortened them. I also use the key change. but I’ve changed the formal process. My structure is as follows:
I have a free introduction, motif sound, remember the original. Then follows a sequence of the original but shortened melodies. The end is free with rhythmic changes. I hope you like and please give me some feedback what you think if you want to but feel free. thanks in advance.

Klaus Ferretti


Very original / creative!

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I like how the string pattern keeps things moving, providing a foundation for your woodwind and other lines. Good job!



Hey! :smiley:

Loved it, agree with everything said so far, very original. You have put your own stamp on it which is fantastic to hear!

Harmonically and structurally this works really well, I enjoyed the lightness of the passages that were playful in nature. Reminds me of saint seans in some respects. The genre is changed considerably which isn’t a bad thing and you kept the overall feel of the melodic content quite grounded.

There were some things that I thought you could have payed more attention to, such as the transitions between some sections. A few cadential passages wouldn’t have gone amiss, this would have solidified your sections even more than you have done already, giving them a stron harmonic grounding. There are many ways you can do this. The typical ones are 5-1 (perfect cadence) or imperfect if played the other way around, plagal cadence (1-4), or you could mix it up a bit and have transitionary cadences that use a pivot chord, or substitution to transition to a new harmonic centre. Just some things to look into :slight_smile:

Mix wise, the overall levels were quite good, though you could reference a track with the same mood for a tighter result, and the low end was interfering with some of the harmonic information… so a bit of subtle EQ could be utilised when the track gets going in the rich sections.

Really like this and I hope the feedback you asked for helps!! :smiley:

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Wonderful Klaus! I loved the focus more on the winds with arps in the strings for movement.

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Thank you for this detailed discussion. You discussed my mix and made some suggestions for the transitions. these are very practical tips. So thank you very much for time to write and for listening

Thanks for listening

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Thanks for your comment on this piece.

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Thanks for listening to my version of John Williams Jurassic Park

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It’s my pleasure. I really enjoyed your piece and felt that I could give some constructive support towards your track. I hope it helps future pieces. Keep up the awesome work!!

Outstanding. Well Done.

Thanks for listening to my version of Jurassic Park and your comment on
this one.

One of my favourites Klaus. Really well played. It brings you the original without insisting on the typical phrases. Very subtle. Greeeeeat job.

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