Jurassic Park cover - my entry

Jurassic Park entry - Ismael

hi everyone:) i’m from Bolivia, i get to this forum thanks to mike, i was watching some of his classes on skill share, thanks for all that good vibe Mike! you truly inspire me to keep working hard on my road to be a composer. I’m 26 years old and now will be 6 years since i started to study music.

For this entry i used only free instruments and plugins:

DAW: Reaper
Orchestral instruments: spitfire BBC discover
Splashsounds freebies for: deep Tom (epic percussion), vibraphone and Xylophone
Spitfire freebies: Labs, i used the mandolin
for the crash cymbals i look for a video on youtube and i sampled the audio
piano: MasonHamlin-A, founded in pianobook
Thanks a lot for the people that shared free instruments in one of the forum topics!
and i recorded my classical guitar for the beginning

for the effects i used:
reverb: dragonfly reverb
compression: Roughrider 3
Izotope elements for the master (if you are lucky you can get it free few times in the year)

thanks for the oportunity!

i changed the key to G major to suit better with the guitar melody, then i modulated to D major for the orchestral part


Really enjoying these guitar/mandolin arrangements. Very much like this and I’m liking the mix too! I like how you’ve copied the original and then mixed it up a little! Nice work!!

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thanks! i took the idea from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRtobab6XzE&t=328s after a lot of layering in the arrangement i came up with something i think it was acceptable

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Enjoyed your nice track having beautiful sounding

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very cool sounding guitar arrangement with adding some orchestral instruments
I really enjoy listing to your track.

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Really good Ismael! The classical guitar at the beginning is great and the whole piece is relaxing and kind of nostalgic for some reason. Very good work with the mix as well.

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thanks, glad you liked :slight_smile:

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thanks! i didn’t knew how to start, i was trying the chords and melody in the guitar for trasncribing it later, then i thinked that may be it could work :slight_smile:

glad you liked

thanks! :slight_smile: i’m glad you liked that mix between guitar and orchestra

Interesting mixture of instruments. Some harmonies are a little bit out of place. I love the use of vibraphone and xylophone. It adds a “jungle” feeling someway.