Jurassic Park cover by Jorge Pallares Catalan

Hi Mikael,

I write below the link to my cover for the contest.

Jurassic Park Cover by Jorge Pallares Catalan

Thank you for creating this extraordinary event. We need many more of this type of exciting experiences.

Best wishes.

Jorge Pallares Catalan


Hola Jorge.
I must say that there are serious problems of tuning. Maybe you have mixed midi and audio tracks and they are not correctly tuned.
Some explanation about your idea and process would be great.
Your piece has been a huge work, but the performance is a little incorrect in many aspects. I would prefer a shorter piece well finished better than a huge song without pulishing. I’m sorry.

Hi Vicente,
Thank you for the feedback.
I stuck to the main melody as it was required to the piece composition. In regards to the tuning, I did not find a problem with it. The guitar is a bit out of tune but it did not mean a problem to me when I was composing and as a result. Can I ask you what you mean with “the performance is a little incorrect in many aspects”?

Thank you again for your feedback.

Best wishes.

I will try to speak and spell, Jorge,
I don’t see a description of your methods, idea or instruments used but I will try to be understood.
For instance, from the beginning, the wind instrument (clarinet?) and the guitar strumming, are not in tune. Maybe it is just a fraction of tone but the mix is unconfortable. The guitar uses chords that are completely unconected with the melody. The different instruments don’t play in tempo, even the percussion. In 0’56" there is an instrument like a xylophone that holds the main melody but it almost can’t be heard. So does the electric guitar later. There are some fragments that I can not understand their target.
All this make me feel your song as a mix of too much things without a conection, and really hard to listen until the end.
It is just my opinion as a listener. I try to be contructive giviong you my advice about the things I observed.

Thanks Vicente.

I really appreciate your feedback. It is always positive to have others’ opinion.

I wish I could give you feedback on yours.



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Thanks for your receptive attitude.
There are 3 of my compositions available on the forum, to listen and give an opinion. I would be glad to hear your valoration