Journey To The Sea [ Epic Music | Relax | Uplifting | Piano | Chillout ]

Well as pronounced, i decided to create a new track with my new Choir and i wanted to go back to the epic style.

Here it is:


Labs Piano and Pads,
Spitfire Epic Strings and Brass,
Project Sam Percussion
Olympus Elements Choir

Key is F Major, 90Bpm

Enjoy, leave a comment,
have fun and stay safe,

And as always, thanks for all of your support and your kind words. I really appreciate beeing with you guys in this wonderful community.



Love the beginning, soft and emotional. Especially that super light piano. The choirs sound really nice too, good use of low basses and higher female voices in the harmonies. Which one is it btw? :slight_smile:

My suggestions: personally I would have dialed back the reverb on the snare, and instead simply reduce the level if you want to push it back in the mix. I would also bring up the main theme that starts at 45 seconds. Probably by layering some more, but also I miss something in the middle, feels very wide on my headphones. Imho the main lead whether that is a vocal or leading instrument should have some good “oomph” in the middle of the stereo field to cut through more than others. :wink:

Great work Michael, keep composing and connecting here in this great community! :smiley:


Thank you so much Mike.
Yeah i widened it up with OzoneImager. I was thinking of an extended version, so i will experiment a bit more in the middle. I also need to hear it over my 5.1, my headphones are not very realistic though :frowning: but its okay for hobby ;(


Ah, well then I have a tip for you. Don’t only use the Ozone Imager on the master output (if you do, use it with tiny values). Instead try experimenting on adding it to groups. For example more stereo width to the backing harmonies. And most importantly, don’t be afraid of reducing the stereo width one some tracks sometimes as well. More Centre = More Focus, which can work great for main themes, leads etc. :wink:

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Oh thanks for this tip. I will try that and render it again.
I forgot to mention, the choir is olympus elements. I used the phrase builder. I found with only 7 vowels it sounds great. The male singers just hmmm the chord progression where the women first sing the main melody and in the second part a small counter to the brass section.
Maybe i should use Groups for Strings, Brass, winds… and put the effects on the groups. I need to try that soon.

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Ah yes I think you did great on those choirs. And yes mixing on the bus group channels is very powerful, I do it in every composition! :slight_smile:

Well done Michael.
I enjoyed your piece. Choirs/vocals can be difficult to get to grips with, but you did well.
Kind regards,

Mike @Mikael I followed your advice… There is way more Centre now. I grouped the Instruments by Background and Foreground for Strings and Brass, Percussion, Piano/Pads, and so on… Makes a very big differents on the FX Chain now…

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Thank you so much Adrian, @romeosapien
the greatest for me is everybody to enjoy my music gets a smile on his face.

God bless you,

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Ah great, and yes exactly that is how I recommend mixing. Groups mixing and FX chains with a specific purpose per group. Front, Back, Sides, Mid, Low, High…considerations like that. :smiley:

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