✅ Join the Epic Battle Music Contest (Dec 2019)

Join the Composer Contest in November 2019: “Epic Battle Music”.
You can win prizes, level up your skills, and have fun making music! :slight_smile:

Check out my course: How to Compose Epic Cinematic Music

How to Join the Contest

  • Compose a completely NEW track (no old tracks are allowed)
  • Submit your track as a New Topic here
  • You must Earn 10 hearts as a member in the community during the month
  • The winner will be decided by voting in the community after the contest ended

Prizes for the Winner:


Here are 2 examples of “Epic Battle Music Compositions” I made, that I hope can inspire you to dive into this challenge! :slight_smile:


yeah, the battle continue with this great challenge, epic battle music, great, will sound powerfull andepic just after christmass :wink:
let’s go


I am thinking this will be mainly focused on “rhythm & percussion”, at least that is how I think about Battle Music :wink:

But let’s see what entries we get for this challenge, it will be very interesting! :slight_smile:


I think anything goes and it has to be huge I mean very huge and awesome sound. It takes while to find the right sound I go for.

Klaus Ferretti


I think i will join the contest of this month ^^ !


Great Muluku, looking forward to check out your entry! :slight_smile:

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Great examples - this is so far out of my comfort zone - not good at percussion at the best of times. @Mikael got your percussion and how to compose epic cinematic music courses so need to work through them.

Does anyone have favourite cinematic battle music? There’s quite a few game soundtracks I like but don’t think they would fall into this category. Need to do some research me thinks. Will give it a bash though - if nothing else it will push me.


Remember, even though my examples were more “army battles”…you could also go the other way: “One on One” Antagonist vs Protagonist battle. It’s all good! :wink:

For game soundtracks: check out the “Battle Theme” from Final Fantasy 7. Super focused on rhythmic playing styles and riffs. And you really get a sense of the action :slight_smile:


Not sure how to approach this. Its not the sort of thing I do. If I can think of something I’ll give it a try. Maybe try to copy some professionals epic music? I can’t possibly copy music accurately so whatever I do will sound different (whether it sounds goo or not is another story. We’ll see. I have 2 weeks. Better drag Logic up and get started. P.S. I really like this idea of composing a different genre each month.


Remember, a battle can also be between a boss and a hero, not only “war”. I hope you will give this a try and come up with something. :slight_smile:

Hi all - I just clicked the “New Topic here” link, as stated above, and it came up with “Access Denied”??
Am I doing something wrong?

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Hello Aidan @Aodhan, yes something was wrong with the link. I believe I have fixed it now. Let me know if it works for you. :slight_smile:

Hi Mikael, thank you - it now comes back to this page (here) - is that correct? (I was hoping to have a sneaky listen to other entries… ) :wink:

Yes it is a section of the forum. No entries yet so please make some! :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent, thank you!! Working on it… :+1::notes:

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When’s the next contest Mikael?? Been so busy recently but looking forward to the next. Love the recent subs.

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You are not joining this one then Geoffrey, since it runs all through the month as always? :slight_smile:

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Ooooh so this one hasn’t finished yet then I’m assuming Mikael??

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