✅ Join the Christmas Music Contest (2020)

Join the Composer Contest on “Christmas Music” (ends Jan 1)
You can do whatever style of Christmas Music you want: Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Joyful Vocals…you decide. I hope you are up for the challenge! =)

How to Join the Contest


How to write “Christmas Music”?
Well that is up to you as a composer to choose with your creative freedom, however you can use these keywords as guidelines:

  • Sweet & Beautiful
  • Good Spirit & Joy
  • Magical & Dreamy

IMPORTANT : A big aspect of these music challenges is to encourage comments and feedback. The winner will be decided by a poll afterwards. Good luck, and have fun composing music! :slight_smile:

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of this Community


Awww, I already put up my Christmas jingle. Maybe a Heavy Metal Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy would be in order :grin: We’ll see. Thanks again for these fun contests Mikael!

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Or perhaps a dark moody and otherworldly Christmas ala Danny Elfman in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” :wink:

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Ohhhh. Now you have my brain firing :thinking: A Halloween Christmas is my style indeed!

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Seriously. There’s got to be a demand here?
At lest one sleighbell in the composition :blush:

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Bells of all kinds is like “mandatory” at least for traditional Christmas music! :wink:

Haha you gotta be kidding, I just started working on one of these generic Holiday-Season-Christmas-Present-TV-Advert songs (sleighbells included!) not knowing that there’ll be a contest for that. :smiley:

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Perfect timing Chris! Bring those bells to the light and shimmer of Christmas magic!

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Incidentally, I was thinking about “Christmasy” opera arias the other days. (Che gelida manina from La Bohème was suggested.) I’ve sort of decided to stay out of competitions and challenges for a bit - but I might be tempted to write something… :smiley:

(There’s also another reason to write something original, apart from just wanting to do that: A surprising amount of operas/arias are still under copyright - even Turrandot with my favorite Nessun Dorma - because it was not actually finished by Puccini himself - and of course, “false” copyright strikes from commercially released covers.)


Okay, you roped me into it. Something came into my head and it was a kind of Christmas arrangement done in the style of old cowboy westerns (like Elmer Bernstein or Aaron Copland). Never done anything like it before, but I’m going to give it a try.