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How to Join the Contest

Prizes for the Winner:

Bonus for Top 5 Entries:
Your track will be featured in a blog post on: professionalcomposers.com

What is “Action Music”?
Well that is up to you as a composer to choose with your creative freedom, however you can use these keywords as guidelines:

  • Action & Energy
  • Momentum & Accents
  • Dramatic & Intense

PS. A big aspect of these composer challenges is to encourage comments and feedback. The winner will be decided by a poll afterwards. Good luck, and have fun composing music! :slight_smile:

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of this Community


Here is one of my compositions you can use for inspiration and motivation! :slight_smile:


How fun! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: Looking forward to compose, learn and listen to all the music! :slightly_smiling_face:


I find that challenges like this is a great incentive to learn with a “mission” and purpose. Looking forward to hear what you come up with Anna. Remember, everyone that enters is a winner in the sense of learning and improving by doing! :smiley:


Right, so I didn’t get around to do the Jurassic Park thing. Too much going on, but at least, I practiced quite a bit on the cello and violin, made substantial progress, especially on the violin. Part of this “not getting around to recording stuff” is setting the bar too high, but OTOH, I tend to make the most progress when trying to do something that’s almost impossible.

Now, vacation coming up, and I think I’m going to focus more on spiccato, ricochet, trills, runs and stuff like that for a bit. Not sure why… :wink:


Hi Mikael, can we post new track that we have done just 1 week ago, but before this contest, and that where never published here before? I too missed the post about Jurassic Park because I was on that song project of mine. At worst, I will have to compose another action track, haha, which is one of my favorite genres anyway. Just to be sure if it is accepted, as I read “no old track are allowed”



Hello Jonathan, sure as long as the creation and publish date of your track is during this month July, the whole point is to compose a new track with the theme and guidelines of the contest. :slight_smile:

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Great contest Mike!! Looking forward to listening to the works.

It is important, I think, having a contest always on going.

Thank you.



Agree with you Jorge! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! First contest I entered was the West World one.
I had fun making that, so This one will be great!

Without the picture cues of WW, I’m very much looking forward to hearing everyone’s interpretations too.


Good news: Yesterday, I finally figured out what to do for this contest.
Bad news: I still have no idea what I’m doing in this genre… :smiley:

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LOL, just add some “booms and bangs” and you’ll be fine! :wink:

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:rofl: Well, you could just do an all percussion piece–30 second trailer music is legit, I suppose

Braaaaaam, Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam, don’t forget the braaaaaaaam :smiley:

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Yes! About time to add some booms, bangs, and braams - though I’m going to need somewhat… demonic versions. :slight_smile:

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Go grab Project Sam’s Free Orchestra. There are some from Pandora that are amazing!

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I think i used them in my project, they are awesome.

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I used ProjectSAM free orchestra in my action piece–cool brass/string clusters that work well for dark sounds!

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