Issue With Logic Pro X

I am havin an issue that I’ve never had before.

In Logic Pro X, I have all of my woodwinds in a single instance in Kontakt on separate midi tracks. When I try to solo the Flutes Long track, Logic solos all of the tracks in the entire instance. How do I fix this so that I can hear only the one instance that I want to hear?

Have you created a track stack? Maybe using a summing track stack could work for you.

I wanted to check this out myself too. Track stacks (of any kind) will not help here - other than keeping your tracks organized. It seems that the only option in Logic Pro X to achieve this is through a workaround, i.e. make sure you have the track on/off buttons visible. You can then select a number of tracks to turn them off. To solo a Kontakt instance track, you will need to select all other tracks using the same Kontakt instance and use the power on/off button to turn them off. This is not very handy. Can someone suggest a better solution?