Introduction ( Notion 6 only )

2023 ”Original Classica Premiere Festival 11” Submission,
This movie is my own performed of a music I compose.

Composition Background.
This is a forced full orchestration of a music box piece called ‘Introduction’ composed by Ms. Karan Akizuki.
Performed by Notion 6 and its standard sound sources used in the composition.

On 20 November 2021, in the compilation project “Sound of Music box” with music box type sound sources, which was broadcasted on the internet radio, I was very inspired when I listened to the prologue piece ‘Introduction’ composed by Ms. Karan.
I was sent the mid file by Ms.Karan and started to arrange it, but gave up due to the deterioration of my health condition.
I was plagued by back pain and menopausal problems, and a year passed without me being able to do anything about it, until I was finally able to complete it in 2023.
The completed score was decided to be submitted to the Original Classica Premiere Festival with the permission of Ms. Karan.

This score was premiered by unyo, hanafubuki and BumblebeeQueen on the day the premiere festival started (4 May 2023).
Thank you all for the Performance!

Composition Overview
The original music box piece is 16 bars (approx. 18 seconds) and, according to Ms. Karan
‘It was inspired by a castle’, but I associated it with a Space Simulation Game.
So I extracted some motifs, reworked the structure and finished it into a 3-minute music piece.

In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that it is not really an arrangement, but a rebirth into a completely new music piece.
The horn theme from the beginning and the two-bar countermelody that appears from the end of the variation (19bar) are developed into the interlude (33bar ~), and forming the framework of almost the entire piece.
The only hints of the original are the introduction and the fanfare that appears in the second half of the music piece.

The tempo is a slightly faster march tempo. (bpm 125~130)
This is because it is intended to be a fast-march of the Japanese fire brigade bugle corps.
(I used to be a bugle corps leader.)
The key signature on the score starts from F major, but the melody starts from C and is then modulated multiple times.

Main Sounds
PreSonus Notion 6 is used for score production.
The tool’s sound sources can be used on low-specification computers (low CPU and memory) with ease.

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Very uplifting. Triumphant. Enjoyed it so much!

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Hello Dori Seider :blush:
Thank you for listening to my music!
I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Looking forward to hearing more of your music!

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