Introducing GHOST DRUMS! The progressive virtual Drum instrument and Bass sampler


This innovative virtual instrument is designed for musicians of all levels from beginners to professionals.

The simple, intuitive operation of Ghost Drums makes it ideal for just making music and getting superb quality in an instant. Professionals will get an excellent tool for their work and will benefit from saving time while obtaining high-quality results. Beginners can now easily enjoy creating high-quality studio rhythms.

Ghost Drums comes with sets of sampled acoustic drums, recorded by the best sound producers in professional studios.

It has pre-made audio selections, excellent rhythmic Loops, and professionally rumbled Bass samples.

Ghost Drums has a wide range of styles that can be customized to perfectly match your desired feel and rhythm, from Electronic Music to HipHop and Rock, and others…


Ghost Drums also offers impeccable new horizons for rhythmic bass styles such as Trap, HipHop, Rap… Get creative and explore the new world of Ghost BASS with superb bass samples for your smart mix. Virtual drummer, Ghost Drums - your first-class assistant from the classics to cool futuristic beats.

  • Special attention is paid to HipHop samples from acoustic drum kits to versatile variations of processed futuristic samples and Loops, designed to get rid of the hassle and get great sounding drum tracks for your pieces.

Ghost Drums is your fastest hip-hop ticket. No more need to waste time looking for sampled bits. Now they are all in one place and ready to use.


Everyone can use Ghost Drums to create diverse music faster, better, and easier, regardless of their level of musical experience.

There are so many diverse Kicks, Snares, Сlaps, Hats, Cymbals, and rhythmic Loops to choose from that you can easily experiment and change your sound from smooth and soulful to huge and pumped up, creating the best tracks for the world’s dance floor.

For all genres of electronic music from House, Techno, EDM, Pop, to Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hardstyle, and other styles, add a smooth rhythm foundation to your products with a wide range of drum styles and sounds.

Ghost Drums is your perfect assistant in the world of music.

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