Interstellar [LoFi Chill]

Hello people,

I wanted to create a chilled version of the Interstellar Soundtrack that kind of holds up to the nowadays popular LoFi Hip Hop. It’s slower than regular LoFi Hip Hop, so it doesnt really match the requirements being HipHop, but it felt more suitable this way. Complementing it with a church organ in the second part kept more of the vibe from the original composition. It was important for me not to go into a too abstract and electronical direction (as many other remix artists do) while still holding on to some electronic elemtens. They appear to communicate a certain message like “not too much to be something completly new, but still enough to go and convert the piece into something you can chill and hang out to”. As well as keeping the arrangement and instrumentation simple and clean, too not go overboard with FX and other elements that could ruin the original soundtrack vibe, was important to me.

The voice was taken from the movie. This was kind of obvious for me, that I would look out for some vocal chops from the movie I could use for the track. This is one of the trademarks of LoFi HipHop: using vocal chops that calm you down. Luckily, I got surprised that the last words from Cooper’s daughter Murph suited perfectly well into the arrangement for this purpose.

I hope you like it, despite the fact that it isn’t my original composition. Have a nice day!


I liked it. I do not know the original composition but this one sounded pretty good to me. Good job!

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