Interesting new synth plugin with a cool UI

Hi all. I’m a big synth head and have been into FM synthesis for years. Hence I was pretty excited about Tracktion’s Biotek 2 and their recently released f.’em synth.

Anyway… very recently Tracktion released another synth that I kind of stumbled across by accident. It is called ABYSS and it is developed by indie developer Peter V from Hamburg aka Dawesome. I guess he uses Tracktion for distribution, marketing and content management / downloads etc.

The cool thing about this synth is the UI and the approach. I bought it yesterday and I am pretty stoked about it. It works really well for quickly dialing in organic sounding “breathy” pads.

Anyway. Reason I pop in here mainly is, I’d very much appreciate to see @Mikael do a review. This one seems to be right down your alley! There’s an intro price of $77 (ends today Friday July 9) but also a 90 day fully functional demo. Plus I’m pretty sure the developer would hook you up with an NFR anyway.

He left his email address publicly in the KVR forum, so Mikael - if this suits you at all - you could perhaps reach out?


Thanks Temme,
It sounds really cool, but I’ve got my synths really covered now. :slight_smile:

Also I am focusing mainly on acoustic instruments right now.

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No problem mate! The developer can hook you up with an NFR, but if it is not in focus right now… I say focus on whatever makes YOU happy!!

Stick to the plan haha. Cheers!

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