Infinite Woodwinds and Brass

Do any of you guys have used and/or have any thoughts on Aaron Venture’s Infinite Woodwinds and Infinite Brass? I have been listening to demos and looking at the few videos that I have seen. While I am skeptical of must sample library demos (I don’t want to get burned with a library that is useless) on the developer websites, I do like that he tells you exactly what processing has been done to the demos that you are hearing. He also has some that are listed as “out of the box.” He also a statement that he is not going to develop other brass and woodwind libraries. Rather, says that he is committed to updating and improving the ones he already has. These statements made me feel more confident in considering purchasing both libraries. BUT, before I do, I would like to see if any of you guys have any experience with these libraries?




I really like and respect Aaron for his Infinite series, and philosophy as a developer. Commit to improving your products to evolve (like Spectrasonics do as well) is sadly not that common among devs these days.

I also like that he will do the entire collection, strings later this year, and I believe percussion next year.

But the most important factor I love his approach is that he wants to get away from the reliance of key switches to record performances. I hate (intentional strong word) key switches as a whole concept, and am so glad that some devs are starting to come up with alternatives to it.

Another example is Oceania where you can play both shorts and longs without using different presets or key switches. Making music should be about creative flow, not programming key switches.


Thanks Mike. I am going to give The Infinite Series a try. I will keep you posted.


If you compose something using those libraries, please post the track in the music section of the forum, and make sure to mention which libraries you used. :slight_smile:

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Mike, I will do. Currently, I am working on a piece using VSL Synchronized SE Vol 1-4. I will post it when done. I will also do it when I purchase Infinite Brass & Winds. Thanks