Indie Film Music Contest Summer 2023

Hi everyone!
I just saw a few fantastic orchestrations from colleagues on the socials. All very inspiring and interesting how everyone tackles the music differently, and I really think it would be fantastic if we could share our versions with each other and share and learn from our experiences.

Here is my version of the submission, please feel free to comment on mine and please do give me feedback! and Don’t forget to share your scores!!! looking forward!


Extremely compelling. The music itself is beautiful.
The way you have silence before the build up is perfect. It fits with the scenes. Great job, sensitive, subtle and alluring.

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I think it’s amazing how music can breathe life into a film and set the mood in unique ways. I bet your version of the submission is a masterpiece, and I’m sure fellow musicians will find it inspiring.
When it comes to movies, they are a treasure trove of emotions and atmospheres that can influence your musical creations. I’ve found that checking out what movies are out now can sometimes lead to unexpected bursts of creativity. A scene, a character, or even a plot twist can trigger a musical idea that you might not have thought of otherwise.